Holiday Cards Fundraiser!

We are selling hand-made holiday cards 1 for $5 or 3 for $12.

If you are interested in making an order please send a cheque (written out to Laura Kent-Davidson), your contact info, and a note indicating the quantity you would like (ie. 2 Joy, 1 Ornaments). Please also make a post on this page so I know to expect your order in the mail and let me know which pick up location you would prefer-either from CCNM in North York on Dec 5 (12-1 or 8-9 pm) or on Logan Ave off the Danforth on Dec 6th (5-9 pm). Alternate pick-up times and dates available- just ask!

There are three card varieties to choose from:  joy, peace, and ornaments.


2 Responses to Holiday Cards Fundraiser!

  1. Nancy Kent says:

    Hi Laura can I order 12 for $48. 6 peace and 6 joy. Can I pick up by Dec 11th ish? I will be using them for office cards so a receipt would be great! Leaving a voice mail too.

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