It was a very challenging day on Friday that we are still recovering from. We saw some intensely unwell patients in clinic. One child had necrotic otitis media – an ear infection that had progressed into the bones of the skull. The mother brought a jar of what she had collected falling from her daughter’s ear – to our horror, it was a jar of maggots. We referred her immediately to the hospital for IV antibiotics, anaesthetic and ear lavage (cleaning), but her mother was unable to bring her because she couldn’t afford to go. The pain that this child was in is unimaginable. Her cries and screaming will stay with me for a long time. One of the American nurses on staff donated money for her to go to the hospital, which was a generous God-send.

It was challenging cases like this that seemed to fill our day and we worked two hours overtime to see everyone. It felt like we didn’t have a minute to stop and take a breather, seeing patient after patient. By the end, both Laura and I cried – trying to find our grounding and shed some of the emotion that had built up all day. It wasn’t long until the prenatal room had an emergency – a pregnant woman with respiratory rates of 80 per minute and what we later thought was petit-mal seizures. Laura and I assisted the midwifery staff in trying to keep her vitals normal. We gave her Carbo-Veg homeopathic and had a great response– her resp rate dropped and she started to become more alert. We were so pleased with our medicine!

In the midst of this chaos, we received word that a two year old girl who had been in the centre’s care died suddenly of what we suspect is malnutrition. It was hard to hear this news. There seems to be such an injustice, always something more that there is to do, something more that is just beyond helping hands. I am trying to find some peace about the cycle of Life and Death, about some plan or intention that is greater than I could know. Trying to take it in and let it go – like the breath.

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6 Responses to Breathing

  1. Claudia Kent says:

    You are making a difference to each and every life you touch, whether you know it or not. Keep going, keep trying and keep breathing.

  2. Sending much love to you both for the difficult work you are doing. It takes courage to persevere when there appears to be so much injustice. May your drive for assisting others carry you through.

  3. Eclecta says:

    I am in awe of your generosity and strength in your efforts. Much love to you both. I hope you have some Rescue Remedy to use for yourselves in those difficult moments? Can’t wait to see you when you get back … always here to talk if you need to process.

    In the meantime, so glad you have each other. Wishing you continued resilience and joy and success to help balance out the matters that are beyond your control.



  4. Roxanna moos says:

    U guys are just amazing and I admire your guts and your courage and persistence in carrying out your duties despite all the emotional stress it puts on you all. Keep up the good work and keep thinking of the ones you are helping. The ones that are gone are in the Lords hands and free of pain.

  5. Kyle Anders says:

    Wow, heavy stuff. I can’t imagine the emotional strain. Keep up the good work, you girls are heroes.

  6. Jane Moore says:

    Keshia and Laura, what a difference you are making in the lives of these people! May the God of peace be with you as you sort through a busy day like you had on Friday. Remember “God sees the little sparrow fall, it’s in His tender view….”.

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