Mobile Clinic

We have continued to have busy days in clinic! Tuesday and today we saw patients here at the clinic (around 35 between both days). We are seeing mostly digestive complaints, headaches, cough, skin rashes and infections and high blood pressure. Today we saw an 83 year old thin and frail woman who had generalized itching without cause accompanied by significant unintentional weight loss, fever, frequent fainting and generalized pain. Without imaging and further testing, we can’t know for sure what is causing her complaints, though we both know the symptoms paint a pretty dire picture. We gave her what we could with the supplies we have, and she was very grateful.

On Wednesday we did a mobile clinic to some nearby communties to see people with limited mobility and chronic pain. Our first patient was a gentleman with a complicated stage 3 ulcer on his foot. He had pricked his foot with a thorn 2 months ago and it had progressed into an ulcer with adipose (fat) tissue visible. We used acupuncture to increase blood and energy flow to the area and gave him some topical treatments to promote healing and prevent further infection.  We treated the other patients in their homes with acupuncture and massage for concerns like arthritis, headaches, and paralysis. It was a huge honour to enter people’s living space and meet them where they were at. Overall it was a very rewarding day!

Thanks for all of your comments! We love to hear from you!

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3 Responses to Mobile Clinic

  1. Jane Moore says:

    Wow, that’s wonderful that you are ministering to these wonderful people in the places where they are at – right in their homes! Prayers lifted for both of you and those you are ministering to. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. chrissy Kleinsasser says:

    Keshia and Laura,
    I love hearing about your days in haiti, what a great thing you guys are doing. What a hard thing it must be to see as I am sitting in a comfortable hospital in alberta with things right on hand. I know it makes me realize how very very fortunate we really are. Praying you are safe and happy. bless all of you who are there working so hard every day. Miss you Keshia 🙂

    • Thanks Chrissy! Nice to hear from you, and to think of the contrast between. Hope all is well with you! We are doing well and will keep updating the blog every few days. Thanks for following us! How about that 10 year reunion this summer?!

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