First Weekend

Greetings from Beautiful Haiti!

MamaBaby hasn’t had a dull moment since we last left you a few days ago! The weekend gave us some time to ourselves and to catch up on laundry (hand washing!). Laura and I helped a woman and her family in the community move out of a very bad situation and into a new home with one of the volunteer midwives and her family. When we lit the candle in the new home, they cheered and cried for joy at their new opportunity for life. It was a warming experience to be part of this transition for them.

Sunday was the ultimate of the weekend – we drove up and around and over bumps and rocks and turkey trail roads for over an hour to get to a semi-private beach where we basked in glory all day! We swam and snorkelled, drank Pina Coladas, ate fresh seafood (they went out to ‘catch’ our order) and took a boat ride across the bay. It was a great way ‘to land’ inHaiti– seeing another side of this beautiful country and getting away from the clinic for awhile.

Back to work this week with a busy week ahead. Will keep you posted. Thanks for your comments!

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1 Response to First Weekend

  1. Jane Moore says:

    Glad to read that you had a wonderful time on Sunday at the beach! I enjoy reading your blog – some touching stories. Thanks for sharing:)

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