On our way…

The month of January has flown by and we are now in our final stages of preparation for our trip down to Haiti.  At 6:00 tonight we will be on route from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale (where we’ll kill time in the airport until the next morning) and then we fly off to Cap Hatien, Haiti early Wednesday morning.

We have been blessed with many medical supplies and supplement donations which are currently overflowing from our suitcases! Luckily we were able to share the load with a group of 10 CCNM students who plan to come down for a week in the middle of February. Between all of us the clinic is going to be well stocked!! While there is a lack of sustainability in making big donations such as this (often an ethical issue I wrestle with) –  I know that ultimately- at the end of the day, these supplies are needed… and I also know that MamaBaby Haiti works hard to consider all the determinants of health for the community and how it may positively affect change in those areas (ie. growing a huge vegetable garden for patients).  I feel like this holistic approach is so important and we are looking forward to learning more about how the organization is run and how it works to empower the local community.

Thank you again everyone for all of your amazing support.


Laura and Keshia

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1 Response to On our way…

  1. Roxanna Moos says:

    Congrats and all best wishes and every success to you both for doing this wonderful thing in helping the Haitians or at least the future generation of them. I shall look forward to following your progress.


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